Throughout my journeys around different cities, towns, and villages, I witnessed the incredible architecture and engineer designed by the human. On the other hand, this gallery isn't solely about iconic engineering structures or an incredible piece of architecture built in our world; also, it's about simplicity, the architecture approached from an artistic point of view mixed with the surrounding. Thereby, some subjects in this gallery are a combination of art & dexterity. 


From the jungle in Central America all the way up to the mountains in Alaska and many other places in the world, this gallery gives you a perspective of our planet where we dwell and belong.

Portrait Of Life

No matter where you go, who you are, or where you come from; there are things that no one can deny. The fact about split our world blaming others because of their beliefs, races, or economic status are just in the mind of those people who have never seen the beauty of this life that is beyond their noses. 

No matter where you go, who you are, or where you come from; there are things that no one can deny. The simple truth about the humanity runs through our veins without any exception. Culture, war, border, politic, race, sex, religion, money, and so on; All are nouns that should only belong in a textbook, but they crumble against the smile of a kid or any human being who have rights to live freely. 

No matter where we go or what we choose, we share something in common, undeniable to any concept that tries to reshape our world. We should love and respect one another like we used to do before crossing the line, leaving behind our most precious gift, our childhood.

These are Portraits of Life by RamZep.


Grow the Game

Bird Bath

Birdbath by Lodi is the first music video that I directed, filmed, and edited; of course, with a little help of my friends. My friend and songwriter proposed me to film this project in one day. It was a long day of storyboarding, screenwriting, and filming in different locations around Bristol, Virginia. 

This part of the video was the result of having just a DSLR camera, a couple of lenses, and a cinematography knowledge.